Bored In School Right Now HTML

Fake Error Message

Fake Error Message

wanted to prank someone who is not good with computer and you are not their, well here you are.

Copy and Paste. Save with the title anything.bat

Or Download Far Below

@echo off
echo Fatal Error!! Your computer is under attack!!
echo Deleting Files
echo !323%%%@#@GJFGG42JG
echo !3424%@#%^&@52%@%gs
echo !@$@^624@$6262$hG
echo !@#4-07234&5*((6hkd
echo !&^%78755&*%478*%$&
echo !^$$68*$78()&4578
echo !&8898*65$$566$68(9
goto files*

When it is done it should look like this:

Hit f11 or f12 to make it full screen to freak them out

Use Media Fire If You Just Want To Download The File

Hosted here